The benefits are endless…

We may be partial in our love for all things theatrical at The Coterie, so here are some others  to tell you about the many benefits and bonuses to attending live theatre and including the creative arts in all aspects of life!

It’s Science!
  • A study that discusses the benefits for students who attend live theatre.
All Around Awesome!
  • Teachers are incorporating theatre and dance into math and it’s working!
Valuable Viewing!
  • Theatre for Young Audiences is changing with the times and gaining in value!

…so join in the fun!

Theatre exploration can happen anywhere!  We have gathered some of our favorite resources to help you incorporate theatre and creative play into your classroom, everyday life, and beyond!

Games & Good Ideas
  • Easy theatre activities for adults to do with children.


Theater Games for the Classroom: A Teacher’s Handbook by Viola Spolin

Structuring Drama Work: A Handbook of Available Forms in Theatre and Drama by Jonothan Neelands and Tony Goode

Kids Take the Stage: Helping Young People Discover the Creative Outlet of Theater by Lenka Peterson and Dan O’Connor

On Stage: Theater Games and Activities for Kids by Lisa Bany-Winters

101 Drama Games for Children: Fun and Learning with Acting and Make-Believe
by Paul Rooyackers