A free touring presentation for middle schools

Performs: Touring to schools spring semester

Targeted to Grades: 6th-7th

Length:  45-60 minutes, including the interactive lesson.

Cost: Free of charge.
*a mileage fee may be charged for travel outside the Kansas City metro area

A collaboration between The Coterie Theatre and UMKC School of Social Work

Scheduling for the spring semester will begin January 2024, with presentations February through July 2024. 

Email Stephanie at slaaker@coterietheatre.org to be contacted.

This new FREE classroom-sized session with fully vaccinated presenters is for 6th and 7th grades to support mental wellness for KC area pre-teens/teens.

Pairing a trained actor/facilitator with graduate student in social work, this session addresses the mental health issues we’re seeing on a fast rise in our schools.

This innovative, interactive theatre work introduces middle school students, an often-underserved group, to mental wellness concepts—with the goals of de-stigmatizing asking for help, opening dialogue and providing resiliency tools.

  • Dramatic format captures student attention; based on real stories of Kansas City teens dealing with anxiety and depression
  • On-your-feet wellness activities moderated by UMKC Masters of Social Work students paired with a professional actor/facilitator
  • Self-management skills to regulate emotions and to monitor/achieve behaviors related to school and life success
  • The hope of Project Daylight is to create early intervention and, as a result, prevent serious mental health crisis in later years.


Audience Limit:  Classroom sized group of 6th and/or 7th graders.  Multiple presentations welcome!
In-Person Classes:  Students must be in-person to participate, allowing access to the school’s counselor.
Length:  45-50 minutes.
Cost: Free of charge.
*a mileage fee may be charged for travel outside the Kansas City metro area


Click Here to request Project Daylight

For information & booking, contact:

Stephanie Laaker

slaaker@coterietheatre.org or (816) 994-8832