These lesson plans have been created or pulled together in response to the production and as a follow up to your visit to the Coterie.  They offer ways to connect the show to your classroom in coordination with state standards and curriculum.

Point of View Lesson for Grades K-5

  • This lesson plan is for use after you come to The Coterie. It asks students to actively explore the point of view of multiple characters from the show and recreate key moments.

Cinderella a Cross Cultural Fairy Tale for Grades 3-5

  • This lesson plan was created by the Kennedy Center and has students compare and contrast culturally distinct variations of Cinderella from around the world.


  • 1.2.A
    • World Languages Communication Standard (Listening) 
    • Understands words, phrases, and formulaic language that has been practiced and memorized to get meaning from simple, highly predictable oral or written texts with strong visual support.  
  • SL.1-5.1
    • 1st-5th Grade Speaking and Listening Standard  
    • Participate in collaborative conversations with diverse partners. 


  • 1.SL.3.A.c, 2.SL.3.A.b, 3.SL.3.A.c, 4.SL.3.A.b 
    • 1st-4th Grade Speaking and Listening Standard 
    • Speak clearly and to the point, using conventions of language when presenting individually or with a group by confirming comprehension of read-alouds and other media by retelling and asking appropriate questions 
  • 1-5.1.C.A 
    • 1st – 5th Grade ELA Reading: Making Connections 
    • With assistance, determine the connection between text to self (text ideas and own experiences) 

Activity Pages

“Spanish Colors” Coloring Page

“Basketball” Coloring Page

“Basketball” Activity Page