A Coterie World Premiere
in co-production with American Royal
featuring puppets by What If Puppets

Horse Power:
Tom Bass’ American Story

Written by Michelle Tyrene Johnson
Directed by Teresa Leggard

Performs: September 11 – October 6, 2024
Targeted to Grades: 5th – 12th
Length: Approx. 70 min.

Tom Bass, a Missourian born in slavery, became the greatest horseman of his time. Internationally known for being a horse whisperer, among his many accolades, he started the American Royal’s first horse show. In contemporary times, Natalia (“Nate”) Edmonds loves horses, especially the one her parents bought her for her birthday. As a Black teenager, she learns about and is inspired by the legacy of Tom Bass as she grapples with what modern day racism looks like. Horse Power is written by Michelle Tyrene Johnson, the award-winning playwright behind The Coterie’s Only One Day a Year, and is produced as part of the American Royal’s 125th Anniversary.

For questions about lesson plans and educational materials contact:
Allison Nissley, Interim Education Director

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