Minidoka, An American Concentration Camp

  • A video shared by our dramaturg* to help The Coterie’s cast and crew better understand the conditions of the camps and the experience of the Japanese Americans who lived through it.

Important Terminology

  • There is an important discussion about what language to use when discussing this point in American history. This page discusses the reasoning behind which terms to use and guides the reader to understand why we now avoid previously used terms.

Densho Encyclopedia

  • This is a comprehensive encyclopedia about the Japanese American Incarceration Camps used by our dramaturg* for research.

National Archives

  • The National Archives’ collection of primary sources about Japanese American Incarceration

PBS Documentary: Children of the Camp

  • Resources and access to the PBS documentary¬†Children of the Camp

Japanese American National Museum

  • The museum has many stories and collections about the experience.

Untold Story: Internment of Japanese Americans in Hawai’i

  • Educator resources wrapping around a documentary of the same name.¬†


*A dramaturg is a person who supports the play’s development by asking key questions, starting conversations, researching, providing context, and helping the artists as they work together to tell the story.