’68: The Kansas City Race Riots Then and Now

  • This is a product of a unique partnership between Kansas City PBS, 41 Action News and the Kansas City Public Library. It features historians, political and law enforcement leaders along with eyewitnesses to the tumultuous events playing out on Kansas City streets 52 years ago.

Six Classroom Activities to Spark Discussion of Racism and Privilege

  • A guideline for leading open discussions on race, privilege and oppression in your high school classroom.

Segregation in Kansas City

  • An article by Martin City Telegraph investigating the origins of the racial divide in Kansas City and how Troost Ave became a dividing line.

Seven Influential Protests in American History

  • A list curated by the University of Central Florida of historic examples of people advocating for change.

Kids Talk About Segregation

  • A kid’s perspective on modern day school segregation in America.

From KCUR: Years Ago, Summer Meant (Almost) Everyone Headed to Fairyland Park

  • An article from KCUR that interviews the daughter of the owner of Fairyland Park, discussing segregation and reminiscing about the height of the park, the fight for Civil Rights, and the eventual closing of Fairyland.