Performs: March 29 – May 22, 2022

Targeted to Grades: K-4th

Length: 55 minutes

How can opposite personalities help one another?


  • With its Beach Boys musical vibe and ’60s feel, this show will have everyone in the family strumming and strutting with the grooviest, guitar-slinging cat in town.
  • Pete the Cat’s wild rock star style gets him into trouble and he’s sent to the Biddle family to learn some manners.
  • It doesn’t take long before Pete turns house arrest into a crusade to help Jimmy Biddle (the world’s most organized student) pass second grade. It takes them on the inspirational road trip of a lifetime!
  • Everyone will love Pete’s hilarious, jazzy antics in this toe-tapping musical.

Standards:  Compare and contrast the adventures and experiences of characters in stories. (KS RL.K-1.9, MO.1.R.2.A.g)

Additional Standards for Further Learning: Recognize and celebrate the natural, beneficial consequences of acts of character. Identify community needs in the larger community, discuss effects on the community, and identify positive, responsible action. Learn about ethical reasoning by giving examples of what makes some behaviors appropriate and inappropriate. Exhibit clear and consistent expectations of good character throughout all school activities and in all areas of the school. Learn about, receive, and accept feedback for responsible actions in academic and behavioral skills. (Kansas SECD Standards: Character Development: B.K-2.1-5)  Knowledge of Self: Exhibits self-awareness, develops self-control. Develops personal responsibility. Knowledge of others: builds relationships of mutual trust and respect with others, works cooperatively with children and adults. (Missouri Early Learning Standards for Social and Emotional Development I:1-3, II:1-2)

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Amanda Kibler, Education Director


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