Crash Course Theatre #21: Moliere – Man of Satire and Many Burials

  • A fun video that goes through the history of theatre in France and the career of Moliere.

Crash Course Theatre #12: Pee Jokes, the Italian Renaissance, Commedia dell’Arte

  • A video that discusses the history of Commedia, a great influence on the work of Moliere.

Commedia dell’Arte: A Historical Overview

  • This video from the National Theatre discusses how commedia dell’arte continues to influence theatre and film today.

Commedia dell’Arte: Character Shape

  • This National Theatre video discusses the shape of each commedia dell’arte character and how they move.

The World of Commedia dell’Arte

  • This film is an introduction to the world of Commedia dell’Arte by the National Theatre. They discuss all of the stock characters in Commedia.