• Bring traditional folktales from around the world to life in your classroom!
  • Students will work with a professional teaching artist to rehearse and perform a reading-level appropriate short script…each young actor will have a speaking role.
  • Each unique script is adapted specifically for this Classroom Immersion, all with a message or moral that aligns with Social Emotional Learning considerations. Original script options include Anansi and Five, The Deer People, The Chanchasa Bird, The Cheetah and The Lazy Hunter, and Why The Sun and Moon Live in the Sky. 
  • The classroom teacher will be given a menu of scripts to choose from that will best suit the interest of their class.
  • This residency can be brought to a classroom virtually or, in some cases, in-person.

Three sessions, 50 minutes in length
Grades 1st-4th
Timeline is flexible but should be completed within a month.



For Classroom Immersion information & booking, contact Annette Filippi, Project Coordinator, at (816) 474-4241 or afilippi@coterietheatre.org.