A playwriting workshop in your school! 

Available after January 2021

Performs: Virtually, during the spring semester.

Targeted to Grades: Middle School & High School, Grades 7th – 12th

Where: Delivered synchronously to virtual, in-person and hybrid student groups.

Length: Three 60-minute (approx.) sessions arranged to suit your schedule.

Cost: $200 for a maximum of 20 students. A teacher is required to be present throughout the seminar.

  • Our playwriting workshop facilitator is available throughout the spring semester for three synchronous virtual sessions, whether the class is in-person, virtual, or both.

  • To give a voice to emerging young writers, students will learn to write dialogue and learn script writing format, build characters, write two monologues, create a setting, and begin creation of a scene.
  • Upon completion of this seminar with a Coterie professional facilitator, promising participants, 8th grade and older, may be selected to develop their plays further in The Coterie’s Young Playwrights’ Roundtable.
  • The residency will align with Missouri and Kansas English Language Arts and Theatre Arts standards and will offer students the option to share their work with each other.
  • Following this seminar, promising participants 8th grade and older may be selected to develop their plays in The Coterie’s Young Playwrights’ Roundtable.
  • An advanced playwriting workshop is available allowing each student to create a company of characters they place into a variety of situations to help them find their play.
  • The Coterie professionally stages works from the Roundtable members in its annual Young Playwrights’ Festival.


“Now when I write, I think a lot more about detail… I’m more confident in my writing.”
-Trailridge Student

“[I’d] never heard of this program and I thought it was good to get my advanced theatre kids out of school and learn something they did not know how to do… [Reaching the Write Minds] not only did that, but it was fun! ALL of my kids not only said they enjoyed it, but they loved it… great instructor… patient and kind and knew how to deal with them! They wanted to share everything…!”
-Timothy Haynes, Grandview High

For information & booking, contact Annette Filippi, Project Coordinator, at (816) 474-4241 or afilippi@coterietheatre.org.