From Alex Espy, Director of Education at Mesner Puppet Theatre: 

How to Snag a Sea Monster is based on the folktale sometimes called Old Stormalong. It’s difficult to know the original author of the story, as folktales were usually passed orally from person to person. 

Using the folktale Old Stormalong as our inspiration, Director of Puppetry Arts Mike Horner took some artistic liberties when he created his puppet version of the story. To take artistic liberties means he made some changes from how the story was originally told. 

Before you come see How to Snag a Sea Monster, take a look at this version of Stormalong by author Mary Pope Osborne. Then, after you watch our new puppet version, as yourself; What artistic liberties did Mike make with his version? What things stayed the same? What might you want to change if you were telling the story yourself?

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