Monsters of The Deep: Tall Tales of the High Seas

An in-depth look into under the sea folklore from Sea Museum.  Artwork and artifact photographs are also featured! 

8 Fun Facts About Deep-Sea Monsters Lesson Plan from Scholastic

Students in grades 6-12 will explore creatures from the deep blue. Get to know the deep sea and its inhabitants… if you dare!

Tall Tale Characteristics Charts from Teachers Pay Teachers

A helpful tool for early elementary students to chart their understanding of tall-tale characters. Downloadable PDF from Teachers Pay Teachers. 

Stormalong Vocabulary Lesson Plans

An in-depth vocabulary lesson plan for early to mid elementary, using a beautifully illustrated version of Stormalong as the anchor text! 

Tall Tale Reading Response Wheel

A crafty reading response activity for tall tales. Downloadable PDF from Teachers Pay Teachers. 

Release the Kraken! From the PBS Monstrum Series*

Legend has it this monster could take down ships, grab sailors off decks, and create whirlpools. Meet the Kraken in the latest episode of Monstrum from PBS Digital Studios! *recommended for grades 4 and up