Presenting  Mesner Puppet Theater’s Production of

How To Snag A Sea Monster: A Terrifically Tall Tale!

Adapted by Mike Horner & Larry Mitchell

Composed by Matt Kirby & Susan Conger

Based on the Tall Tales of Stormy Stormalong

Performing for Virtual and In-Person Audiences

After a monstrous wave washes a creature ashore, the people of a small Cape Cod town hear it wailing. Is it a sea monster in their midst? No, it’s a baby boy as big as a house!
The village adopts the giant baby and names him Stormalong–‘Stormy’ for short. Growing to over 24 feet, Stormy struggles to fit into anything. He takes to the sea aboard a clipper ship to find his place in the world
Meanwhile, a real sea monster, the colossal kraken, attacks the village…and only Stormy is big enough to save his adoptive family!

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