For Teachers:

After-Viewing Discussion Questions

Lead your class in a thought-provoking discussion to connect their own thoughts and feelings with the content of the performance.

Creative Writing Lesson Plan

Using the prompts that helped us write the scripts, your students can also write first person monologues to explain adolescent brain development.

The Teenage Brain Is Wired to Learn—So Make Sure Your Students Know It
An article full of research based tools from the popular educator’s website,

Decoding the Teenage Brain (in 3 Charts)
A more in depth look at the science behind adolescent brain development from

Secrets of the Teenage Brain: A Psychologist’s Guide For Teachers
An insightful view of the inner workings of the teen brain, from a psychologist’s perspective, from (teaching tips included!).

For Parents:
What’s Going On in the Teenage Brain?
An interpretive guide from

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