Performs Virtually for Schools: NOW EXTENDED THRU FEB. 21, 2021

Targeted to Grades: 6th – 12th

What are the impacts of physical and emotional changes?

The Inside Life of the Teenage Mind

Professional US premiere
By Ned Glasier, Emily Lim, and Company Three
A Co-production with UMKC Theatre


• Based on real interviews and backed with the latest scientific research, this revealing stage experience investigates how the teenage brain works, and the communication impact between peers and parents.
• Through exhilarating scenes about social media/peers/parents/risk-taking and more, teen audiences might just realize their brains are miraculous in the ways they can respond, question, adapt and experiment with the world around them.
• Created in collaboration with neuroscientists, Brainstorm is an interactive audience experience with educational and emotional opportunities for growth and understanding of oneself and the challenges of being a teen.
• Professor Sarah-Jayne Blakemore and Dr. Kate Mills state, “It is important that we find new ways to communicate our scientific discoveries to young people and the general public. Brainstorm is a perfect example of this.” The impact of the play on teen and adult audiences is profound and long-lasting. Teachers who have seen this play have returned to their schools determined to do things differently.

• Parts of the script will be devised by local middle and high school students. Education Director Amanda Kibler and actors from the show will collaborate with theatre teachers to create local content and contribute to the show. If you are interested in your students being a part of this, contact Amanda at

Standards: Compare and contrast constructive versus destructive defense mechanisms as a means for handling one’s emotions. Predict how the dynamics of relationships with family, groups, and community change as the individual. Evaluate how societal and cultural norms and mores affect personal interactions, decisions, and behaviors.

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Amanda Kibler, Education Director

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