Rise Up

Before seeing the production, our experienced teaching artists will visit classrooms, for a nominal additional fee, to help students put history into context.

Available Dates: September 9th – October 19th

Price: $15 per workshop or $40 for three or more workshops. An additional $15 per teaching artist fee will be applied for mileage for schools outside of the metro area.

*We do feel this workshop is important, so if cost is a deterrent keeping you from booking, please let us know and we can further subsidize the cost.

Workshop Length: 50 minutes

These interactive workshops bring artists into your classroom to do a 50-minute preshow workshop. The teaching artists will work with each class (up to 25 students per class) to explore themes of the show.

Here’s what teachers have said about The Coterie’s In-School Workshops:

  • “Our presenter was great with the kids and elicited responses I did not expect, in that he was able to get students to open up and express themselves in honest ways that also made them vulnerable to their peers. He was skillfull and patient and very kind.”
  • “Grade appropriate while still challenging, clear tie-in to play, NOT a waste of time!
  • “The teaching artist came to my classes Tuesday of this week. He was wonderful—and really engaged the students. I have a couple of less than stellar students who were respectful and really interested in the activities (quite a change from the usual lack of enthusiasm for anything). The kids loved making the tableaus and I could see them really mulling over the words to describe the feelings of slaves, owners, and abolitionists. He did a great job with the kids and really seemed to enjoy what he was doing!!”
  • “The teaching artist was great with the kids. I would have him back again in a second if we do another interactive play in the future. The kids seem to really enjoy it and are looking forward to the play tomorrow.”
  • “This was a tremendous experience for my students. We hope to take advantage of these opportunities every year moving forward. We anxiously await the release of the schedule for next season!”

To book a workshop, call (816) 474-6801 or mstaub@coterietheatre.org