Performs: January 22nd – February 10th, 2019

Targeted to Grades: 5th-12th

What factors influence how each of us wishes to be remembered?

  • Time Period: 1862-1865.  This interactive play depicts the true accounts of four women who, for different reasons, served as men in the Civil War.
  • Also woven into the play: early suffrage movement as well as the formation of the Massachusetts 54th Regiment (the first African American regiment in U.S. history) and Harriet Tubman
  • As our country continues to struggle with gender issues in the military, this play offers a valuable perspective.
  • This play examines a variety of complex issues for the many reasons why over 250 women chose to enlist in the Civil War.  Treatment by the press was vastly different depending on a woman’s social status or motivation for enlisting.
  • Audience Interactivity: In role as medical officers of 1865, students must ethically decide whether a female soldier who is seriously ill should be listed in the hospital record under her given name or her male alias.

Standards:  Analyze the context under which significant rights and responsibilities are defined and demonstrated, their various interpretations, and draw conclusions about those interpretations.

Evaluate laws, events, and perspectives to determine the extent to which individuals and groups could participate in, and realize, the promise of American ideals.

The student will recognize and evaluate continuity and change over time and its impact on individuals, institutions, communities, states, and nations.

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