Becoming Martin

Young Martin

  • An Excerpt from The Autobiography of Martin Luther King Jr  that references the time in his life examined in the production

The King Institute

  • Lesson plans and classroom resources provided by the King Institute at Stanford

KCUR Interview with the Playwright

  • A podcast of a recent interview on KCUR with Kevin Willmott, the playwright, about the history behind “Becoming Martin”

Forming a Leader

  • An interview with a Harvard professor about the formation of Martin Luther King Jr as a leader

More of Martin

  • More information and videos about the Life of Dr. King

Martin’s Inspiration

  • Gandhi was one of Martin’s inspirations that illustrated the power of nonviolence.  Our in school workshops dig deeper into this connection.  This article is from the archives of The Guardian newspaper featuring one of Gandhi’s protests.

Jim Crowe at Home

  • This article from the 1970’s official manual for the State of Missouri gives some insight to how Jim Crowe housing laws and the idea of “separate, but equal” affected Kansas and Missouri.  We explore more about the effects of Jim Crowe in our in school workshops.