We Shall Not Be Moved: The Student Sit-Ins of 1960

Websites for Students

Timeline of Events

  • A timeline of events surrounding the Greensboro Sit-ins

Greensboro Sit-ins

  • A great resource for information regarding all aspects of the Greensboro Sit-ins put together by the local newspaper organizations

History in the Making

  • Articles, speeches, and videos about the 1960s and the Greensboro Sit-ins.

The A&T Four

  • An article from the A&T State University archives about the students who started the movement

A Kansas Connection

  • Information on sit-ins in Wichita two years before Greensboro

From Spiritual Songs to Protest

  • The spiritual turned protest song that inspired the title of this production.

Telling His Story

  • A podcast featuring a member of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) from the 1960’s sharing his story of being a part of the civil rights movement, including his interactions with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.