Performs: September 19th – October 22nd, 2017

Targeted to Grades: 6th – 12th

Professional teaching artists will come to your school to prepare your students for the show!

Can separate be equal?

  • Inciting incident: By taking a seat at a whites-only lunch counter, a group of four freshmen from A&T College in North Carolina launched a youth-led movement for African Americans to receive equal service by challenging racial injustice.
  • After each performance of We Shall Not Be Moved, audiences will remain in 1960 with the characters, to delve into the complexity of viewpoints offered.
  • The play focuses on ordinary citizens forced to grapple with their beliefs about race and justice as they stand witness to the Civil Rights movement transforming before their eyes. We see multiple, complex perspectives from people of different races and ages, presenting their own personal struggle to decide what actions to take.
  • This non-violent demonstration in Greensboro gained such momentum that within two months “sit-ins” at 55 cities in 13 states became a victorious movement.  It became a model for active nonviolent protest, inspiring a new generation to stand up for their civil rights.

Standards: Analyze the origins, goals, and key events of the continuing U.S. movements to realize equal rights for women and other minorities.  (MO 9-12.AH.5.CC.D)  Analyze the context of continuity and change and the vehicles of reform, drawing conclusions about past change and potential future change. (Social Studies Standards for KS: Benchmark 4.2)

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