Professional theatre at a great value! 

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Performs: Touring to schools September 16th – November 22nd , 2016

Targeted to Grades: 1st – 8th

Standards: Meets K-8 Social Studies Standards for KS: Benchmark 1.1-2, 4.2, 5.1 and MO: SS2c, SS3aG&H (evaluate significant choices that have impacted our lives and futures, motivations of decision-makers, knowledge of continuity and change, dynamic relationships and their impact, processes of governmental systems, reform movements)

  • 44 presidents in 55 minutes: songs about all the presidents plus lots of fast patter.
  • Two actors play secret service agents, flying around the country in Air Force One.
  • With its fast pace, the show plays as a roller coaster of knowledge and humor.
  • Contains historical overview (non-partisan), branches of government, democracy and voting, civic responsibility, learning from the past, U.S. government (elections), U.S. history (events influenced by presidents), Social Studies (reactions to historical events)

Flat fee:  $525 first show on a weekday; $500 second show (same day same site)

Maximum Audience size:  up to 350 students  (350 students averages to just $1.50 per student!)

Host must provide:   An area at least 11 ½’ high x 20’ wide x 20’ deep for the stage set, 60 minutes of set up; 30 minutes to tear down, as well as one private changing area. No special lighting required, though advise if performance area has windows with no shades.  We bring scenery with projections and amplification.

For information & booking, contact Tour Coordinator at (816) 474-4241 or

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