The Nine Who Dared: Courage in Little Rock

These lesson plans have been created in response to the production and as a follow up to your visit to the Coterie.  They offer ways to connect the show to your classroom in coordination with state standards and curriculum.

Autobiography Lesson Plan for Grades 8-12

  • This lesson plan places your student into the role of one of The Little Rock Nine.  They will conduct research, write an autobiography summarizing their findings, and conduct interviews with their fellow students.
  • Standards: CCR Anchor Standards for Writing W.6-12.7 (conduct short research projects, demonstrate understanding of the subject under investigation)

 Contemporary Connections Lesson Plan for Grades 8-12

  • This lesson plan examines an account of one of the Little Rock Nine and encourages students to explore other stories of young people facing adversity.
  • Standards:  CCR Anchor Standards for Speaking and Listening SL.9-12.4 (present information, findings, and supporting evidence such that listeners can follow the line of reasoning and the organization, development, and style are appropriate to task, purpose, and audience)

Theatre Espresso’s Study Guide

  • This study guide offers multiple lesson plans for both before and after attending the show.  These lessons invite students to examine, explore, and relate to events leading up to the desegregation of Central High School through contemporary issues.  It is provided by Theatre Espresso from the original production of “The Nine Who Dared” in Boston, MA.

Little Rock Study Guide from the Playwright

  • This is a comprehensive study guide provided by the playwright, full of historical information and resources.