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Performs: April 4th – May 21st, 2017

Targeted to Grades: Pre K – 3rd

How do differing personalities react to situations?

Standards: Participate in collaborative conversations, evaluate point of view and reasoning (KS & MO SL.K-5.1 and SL.K-5.3)

  • Gerald the Elephant is cautious and Piggie is not. They are contrasting friends who find themselves dealing with a number of predicaments.  Student audiences will find themselves making predictions.
  • Finally, the two main characters realize they are actually in a play.  At this point, full audience participation is invited, and the ingredients that make a play are explored in song.
  • Author Mo Willems wrote this play from his own books:  I Am Invited to a Party!; Listen to My Trumpet!; I Am Going!; Should I Share My Ice Cream?; I Love My New Toy! and We Are in a Book!
“My books aren’t simply to be read; I want them to be played.” —Mo Willems
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Audience Etiquette

“An Alien’s Guide to the Theatre”