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Performs: February 21st – March 19th, 2017

Targeted to Grades: 2nd – 5th

What leadership skills does it take for groups to respond?

Standards: Determine central theme, analyze how/why individuals, events, & ideas develop, assess how point of view shapes content (KS & MO RL.K-5.2, RL.K-5.3 and RL.K-5.6)

  • Grade school age characters making decisions with integrity is a hallmark of Andrew Clements’ writing (author of Frindle).
  • Dramatized will be how a student doing a school report on India comes to try out Gandhi’s tenet of going one day a week without talking.
  • The play quickly moves into a 5th grade boys vs. girls challenge: Which team can go three days saying the fewest words?
  • Unforeseen aspects of the contest: how each teacher deals with this “unauthorized” behavior; fair negotiation becomes a valuable tool between students; the delightful appearance of Gandhi into the middle of the proceedings.
  • After-the-Show Forum allows students to reflect on the themes of “Assumptions/Misunderstandings” and “Solving Conflicts” in an active, participatory way. Students will interact with professional actors who stay “in role” after each school performance!
No Talking is Clements’s best school story since Frindle.” —New York Times


Audience Etiquette

“An Alien’s Guide to the Theatre”